Ivan Schwebel - Paintings  
            Tel Aviv is bright, modern and lively. A place of Bauhause curves and romance, almost falling into the sea.  
    New York's subways and rooftops are backdrops to the 3 Sewer Hitter, Houdini the self-liberator, lovers and other heroes.     The models can be derived from old masters, family members, the cinema or myself in the mirror.
    The Expulsion from Spain and the Holocaust - the two great horrors united, fused with present-day cityscapes.     The Mall is the modern church of consumption, where Mammon is worshiped worldwide.
          Job ponders the controversy and despair, demanding death from God's hand. He confronts the unfathomable.     Landscapes - my hillside in Judea has been incisive in hundreds of works.
          The Situation in Israel - the pain and suffering on both sides. Beauties appear unobserved in front of the tanks. "Holy land"?!     Schwebel's books reproduce my work, texts and pages from my sketchbook diaries, creating paperbound galleries.
          Grand Hotel - I relate to cinema with a certain clarity, and the audience joins in the plot of this great 1932 film.