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  The Expulsion and the Holocaust          

The Holocaust is a continuation of the Expulsion from Spain, both inescapable for Jews. Abarbanel who tried to negotiate with Ferdinand and Isabella is reincarnated in Rumkovski - the German appointed Head of the Lodz Ghetto. The bridge connecting two parts of the Ghetto is spanned over a present-day Tel Aviv cityscape. Deportation trains travel up Jerusalem's center and along Bronx streets. The Spanish Queen and an Inquisition victim wait on the platforms. History is compressed and tragedies are fused on the canvas.

  Abarbanel negotiates with Ferdinand and Isabella   Abarbanel, Ferdinand and Isabella  
  Abarbanel negotiates with Ferdinand and Isabella   Rumkovski as Abarbanel / Ferdinand and Isabella / Himmler's visit to Lodz
  Negotiations with Ferdinand and Isabella,
Nazi observers