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  David in New York          

The bible travels, it is relevant everywhere.

In New York, the people demand a king so to be like everyone else. David battles Goliath on 42nd St., and the Philistines in the Bronx. David hides in the subway from King Saul Saul's madness. David whirls with the Ark on the Williamsburg Bridge; his daughter Tamar, after rape is seen next to the George Washington Bridge. Bat-Sheva bathes on the roof above Canal Street, and in her old age, seeks Nathan's advice under the Bronx Mosholu Parkway subway.

A New York based production of the eternal story.

      "Tamar put ashes on her head"
George Washington Bridge
  David and Goliath / 42nd Street, New York  
  King Saul hunts David
14th Street subway platform
  Natan's advice to Bat-Sheva
Bronx subway station (Mosholu Parkway)
  "If only I could get a drink of water from the cistern which is by the gate of Bethlehem!"