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…where was I? Oh yes, I am often considered reclusive. Maybe it's because I live and paint far from neighbors on a Judean hillside on the outskirts of Jerusalem. In truth I am fond of people and enjoy guests, whether they are my own, my wife's or my children's. Wine, etc., is always ready. I have few reservations about showing my work, certainly to those who make it to the studio. I have built everything necessary on the hillside mostly by myself with the least costly materials. I am lucky that the hill seems earthquake proof.

I use works of friends, all dead, such as Manet, Velasquez, Hopper and certainly Rembrandt; models from cinema too, such as Garbo in Grand Hotel and Harpo Marx's "stopping the world" gesture.
The convenience of Muybridge's photographs of people in motion, which Degas and others used, underline the artist in studio who needs a model fast, either because he can't pay for one, can't care for one in the cold winter, would rather make love to one, or simply has a large mirror nearby that solves it all. I've been accused of doing lots of self-portraits. In reality, I don't even recognize the fellow in the mirror.

Years ago I have shown in most major museums in Israel, and in several galleries. I now find galleries unsuitable or at least not energetic enough so I seek alternatives for exhibiting in Israel: a wedding hall, the unused space in the north Tel Aviv port, the oldest house in Tel Aviv - Beit Chelouche and even cafes.

    My big exhibit in New York in 2000 was held for the opening of the Center for Jewish History on West 17th St, Yeshiva U. Museum. There I came out with my book "David's Journey". The paintings are included here.

The books of my work, largely under my own label, A Stabilized Chaos Publication. "Stabilized Chaos" is Bernard Berenson's definition of art, which is just right for me. I package myself and the subjects I paint in books. I have kept a serious journal, a companion, for almost 50 years, mostly about my work process but also to throw in aches, pains, and a few details about surgery undergone. Some journal notes and pages are included here. Perhaps it is also significant that on October 29, 2004 I will be 72 years old, but I don't think so, like the awful pain in my neck, to which I answer: "It's not my neck!"

I have done military basic training both for the USA and for Israel. My politics are based on reaction to the sufferings of both Jews and Arabs. Classified here under "The Situation" category, the paintings culminate in the cry "Stop The Killing!".

I don't go to demonstrations because this conflict cannot be resolved verbally. My Hebrew is so bad that the Jerusalem market sellers often like when I speak English, for their refreshment. The market in west Jerusalem is my refuge in this city. Humor is another refuge, but there are limits - I have restricted myself to nine jokes which I repeat in various styles…